Meet the Board and Staff Members

The Idaho SWCD Board of Supervisors consists of five elected members who serve staggered four-year terms.

The Board of Supervisors with the aid of District staff, coordinate all of the District activities and responsibilities.

Our regular meeting is the second Friday morning of every month. Call (208) 983-1046 x3 for start time.

Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Board of Supervisors

  • Leon Slichter, Chairman
  • Tom Gehring, Vice Chairman
  • Jinny Cash, Treasurer
  • Elaine Sonnen, Secretary
  • Ron Funke, Member

District Staff

  • Stefanie Hays, District Administrator

NRCS Staff

  • Richard Spencer, District Conservationist
  • Jared Everson, Soil Conservationist
  • Rich Gribble, Civil Engineering Technician

Idaho SWCD Partners

  • Eileen Rowan, ISWCC
  • Bill Lillibridge PE, Engineer, ISWCC

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